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Tyge & Sessil

About Tyge & Sessil

Tyge & Sessil is Niklas Ekstedt’s wine café. Specialising in natural wines and just around the corner from Stureplan, Tyge & Sessil is an accessible and slightly hectic alternative for connoisseurs and experimenters alike. Tyge & Sessil’s wine list features wine from small-scale producers working in harmony with nature, preferably from underrepresented, far-flung corners of the globe and made from grapes we never knew existed. Some are cloudy, others are crystal clear. Some are pleasantly familiar, others are alluring strangers. Some are available in generous quantities, others are one-off sensations. Tap into your adventurous side and savour the quest for your ultimate favourite.

“Opening a lively, slightly hectic wine café specialising in natural wines has been a dream I’ve shared for a long time with my sommelier and friend Maximilian Mellfors. This is the chance he’s been waiting for – to adapt the food to the wine and not the other way round. I see it as a chance to drop by a welcoming, unpretentious place, and yet still enjoy a new and thrilling taste sensation.

I’m particularly proud of the inside-out bar counter, where sommelier and guest fully interact side-by-side. For me, this signals the accessibility the occasionally stuck-up wine world badly needs, which is also exactly the ethos we want for Tyge & Sessil from day one.”

Niklas Ekstedt


For updated opening hours, please visit tygesessil.se

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