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Project Sture


Humlegårdsgatan 17

Stureplansgruppen and ADIA develops hotel concept in the new Sture block

ADIA and Stureplansgruppen are joining forces to develop a unique hotel concept in the new Sture block in Stockholm

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) and Stureplansgruppen are pleased to announce a joint venture in which Stureplansgruppen has been commissioned to develop and run the new hotel for the inner city Sture block. With 120 rooms, a spacious roof terrace with a view over Humlegården, and several restaurants and bars, the hotel at Humlegårdsgatan 17 will be a new landmark in Stockholm.

In addition to welcoming guests, the ground floor will also give access to the rest of the city block and its many exclusive shops and businesses.

“We are highly delighted that Stureplansgruppen – a business that in many ways personifies the Stureplan hotspot through its multiple strong concepts and with its experience of creating in-demand ambiences – is coming on board Project Sture,” says Pascal Duhamel, ADIA’s Head of European Real Estate Investments. “The new hotel will be a central component of our proposal to develop the Sture block into a complete destination for shopping, entertainment, offices, hotels and homes.”

“Project Sture has set its sights very high and we know from all our years in this neighbourhood that there are limitless possibilities to develop this location. We want to create an exceptional destination and meeting place for Stockholm’s residents and visitors. A new hotel will be a welcome addition to the entertainment experiences on offer in the Sture block and has an important role to play in its exciting future. Our aspiration is for the hotel and all our other operations to help consolidate Stockholm’s position as a global city,” says Stureplansgruppen’s CEO Vimal Kovac.

“While parts of the Sture block are much admired today, sadly there are many parts that don’t measure up to the level of quality that visitors and tenants expect from one of the most central meeting places in Stockholm. Stockholm’s inner city is currently competing for visitors with large suburban malls and other Northern European cities in terms of tourism, entertainment and job opportunities. This is why we have chosen to work together with the top businesspeople and architects to enhance the Sture block’s brand and make its content even more attractive,” says Pascal Duhamel.

General Architecture (GA) will be responsible for the design of the hotel. GA works with classic values in its architecture and will create a design that is respectful of Project Sture’s vision for lifting the cultural and historical values of the Sture block to new levels, while at the same time satisfying Stockholm’s future needs.

A more detailed concept will be presented in connection with the development plan consultation during the spring of 2017.

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