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Nosh and Chow

About Nosh and Chow

In a renowned environment that bears the mark of the Catalan interior-design architect Lázaro Pink Violán – known from, amongst other things, Boca Grande and Big Fish in Barcelona – our guests come together to eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company in an international atmosphere.

The guiding principles of our kitchen are always simplicity, authenticity and respect for the raw ingredients. The menu has clear green roots where the dishes change to reflect the ingredients of the season, but are always characterised
by clear and distinct flavours drawn from food groups such as raw, fresh, sea, land, family and sweet.

With an international pulse and a wide-ranging clientele, the atmosphere at Nosh and Chow is alive from early in the morning to late at night. A well-planned business lunch, aperitifs at the vibrant late-afternoon bar, relaxed dinners, carefully selected wines, a spontaneous dinner at the bar, after-dinner cocktails, music, a party atmosphere and late nights in our courtyard.

Welcome to Nosh and Chow!


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