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Griffins' Steakhouse


Klarabergsviadukten 67
+46-8-519 422 70

About Griffins’ Steakhouse

The rather angular exterior of the Waterfront Building does little to prepare you for the charming playfulness you find inside. Among mismatched velvet chairs, deep sofas and a lively bar, you instantly feel at home. Griffins’ comes alive from mid-morning and stays open till late, and whether you drop by for a bite in the bar on a Tuesday, lunch, a TGIF dinner or brunch, it’s a place with a welcoming, inclusive and laid-back feel. On Wine Thursdays, we uncork some out-of-the-ordinary wines which we serve per glass, and on Saturdays we lay out our brunch buffet and call in a favourite DJ. It’s not unusual to find Griffins’ restaurateur Christian Hellberg deep in conversation with our dinner guests. We like throwing parties, and we’re more than happy to make guest appearances at other venues with food, drink and hosting.

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