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Curman Lounge


Sturebadet / Sturegallerian 36
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Curman Lounge

About Curman Lounge

Curman Lounge can be found in traditional surroundings of Sturebadet, in Sturegallerian, right in the heart of Stockholm. Take the weight off your feet in our relaxing furniture looking out over the jewel in the Sturebadet crown, its wonderful pool.

At Curman Lounge it is easy to live healthy. Come here to relax in peace and quiet in one of our couches, enjoy the quiet with an afternoon tea or maybe the luxury of a glass of champagne?

Curman Lounge has the same open hours as Sturebadet. On weekdays you can start your day with a breakfast in a relaxed environment. On weekends we serve a healthy brunch buffet. If in need of a healthy snack we always have a refrigerator packed with energy boosters where you easily can pic your personal favorites. Fill yourself up with energy in form of chiapudding, fresh fruit and green fresh juices.

Curman lounge is located on the third floor in Sturebadet that you can find in the middle of Sturegallerian in central Stockholm.

The environment is perfect for quiet meetings in a stress-free atmosphere. Membership of the bath is not required for a healthy moment in the restaurant – here everyone is welcome!


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