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Arsenalsgatan 6

Bank Hotel

Stureplansgruppen expands with a hotel

Aberdeen has leased out approx. 5,500 sqm to Stureplansgruppen in SEB Trygg Liv’s Näckström 24 and 25 property at Arsenalsgatan 6 in Stockholm. The leased property includes the large office spaces left vacant by Setterwalls. Stureplansgruppen will now be creating the new Bank Hotel with bars and a restaurant here.

“We are creating Stockholm’s leading boutique hotel at Arsenalsgatan 6, with a clear focus on a sophisticated target group. The design and location of the property are perfect for the international concept we have developed. With large public spaces on the ground floor and the roof, the Bank Hotel will act as a hub in Blasieholmen’s development,” says Vimal Kovac, CEO of Stureplansgruppen.

At the end of last year, Aberdeen conducted a hotel procurement to contract a hotel operator capable of bringing unique qualities to the property. After the selection process, the choice fell on Stureplansgruppen’s Bank Hotel concept.

The hotel will have more than 110 rooms, a restaurant and three bars, one of which will be located on the roof and have twin terraces.

“There’s a glut of chain hotels in the inner city. Strong unique hotel concepts are what’s needed to make Stockholm even more attractive to the hospitality industry,” Stureplansgruppen’s CEO Vimal Kovac continues.

“We are very satisfied to get a hotel as a tenant that is making a positive contribution to the development of the property and the portfolio. We are also convinced that this boutique hotel will be a popular new feature in the cityscape and will give an extra boost to Blasieholmen, which is one of our strategic areas. In line with our plan for the portfolio, we now have two major hotel projects with different concepts in progress, one in Gothenburg and now one in Stockholm,” says Lars Kinneholm, Portfolio Manager at SEB Trygg Liv.

The Bank Hotel is expected to open its doors during 2017.

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